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Majority of our products at Pplus are made of Jacaranda and these are the reasons why;

Jacaranda …

  1. is a softwood not a hardwood
  2. grows relatively fast (harvesting)
  3. does not have commercial value for timber or charcoal so was readily available and cheap to purchase. (that has since changed as most carving is now done using Jacaranda)
  4. does not crack as much as some other woods when drying
  5. does not have much of sap (so does not block our saw blades or sandpaper)
  6. bark does not peel off when drying
  7. is a light coloured wood (which makes it easy for us to apply text, artwork or images)
  8. is exotic, not an indigenous tree
  9. is attacked by few pests (so we use physical pest barriers, not chemicals in storage and curing)
  10. sprouts again when pruned or cut so is a sustainable natural raw material.