Our main materials are the branches of the ornamental and regenerative Jacaranda tree. We prune the 15 Jacaranda trees we have on site as well as run a tree nursery from where we distribute seedlings to various entities. To supplement our trees, we source as much as we can from low- income farmers in the community. Other materials are bamboo, mahogany, eucalyptus and processed boards.

Employment from vulnerable groups

Our staff is comprised of individuals who are disadvantaged because they may not have had the financial capacity to complete their basic education. We then equip them with the skills needed to produce high quality wooden crafts.

Scalability & Outsourcing

By rationalizing our production processes to skilled and non-skilled tasks, we are able to offer contractual employment to other members of the community when the need arises to fulfil large orders.

Supply of firewood

From the waste generated in our workshop, we are able to supply firewood to members of the community, reducing the destruction of trees, albeit on a small scale.