Our main material, branches of the ornamental jacaranda tree are sourced as much as possible from low income farmers in the community.

Employment from vulnerable groups
Our staff include single mothers, primary and secondary school dropouts (due to lack of school fees), youth, individuals with no vocational or professional training. Less than 30 percent of our staff having had tertiary education.
11 households benefit directly from our operations through employment.

We have broken down our production processes to skilled and non-skilled tasks.  This enables us to employ other members of the community on a temporary basis to fill large orders.

Planting trees
We have 15 trees on site and target to plant 600 trees in partnership with different organizations each year.

Supply of firewood
We supply waste from our workshop to members of the community to use as firewood, reducing the amount of trees destroyed, although on a small scale.

Using environmentally sustainable materials
Our main materials are pruned branches of Jacaranda and Bamboo, Cypress from government managed forests and processed boards.